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Kennedy Space Centre in 2009

I would like to see this every day !

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Controlled fire
Smoke billows from a fire in the distance, behind the gigantic VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building) at the Kennedy Space Centre, Florida, where shuttles are prepped for blast-off. The fire was intentional and under control, clearing land to foster the growth of new flora. 
Photo credit: NASA/Troy Crider

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Rogers Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident


It’s truly incredible to me that this photo was taken in 1986, it looks like it could easily be from the 50s.




I love shots like this so much. <3

Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

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Is this the Instant City?

buried dreams

Mash-up of the Kennedy Space Center with Google Earth satellite images.

With Soyouz coming to Kourou CSG, what about a Bourane launch at Cape Canaveral ?