Space the beyond


I need a nice DSLR camera.


And someone needs to go here with me.


And a fisheye lens would be nice, if I had the money..



Ghostly Zodiacal light, featured near the center of this remarkable panorama, is produced as sunlight is scattered by dust in the Solar System’s ecliptic plane. In the weeks surrounding the March equinox (today at 1732 UT) Zodiacal light is more prominent after sunset in the northern hemisphere, and before sunrise in the south, when the ecliptic makes a steep angle with the horzion. In the picture, the narrow triangle of Zodiacal light extends above the western horizon and seems to end at the lovely Pleides star cluster. Arcing above the Pleides are stars and nebulae along the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy. 


The Universe- everything that exists, has existed, and will exist. This fact alone is enough to make someone think until he or she is crazy…maybe this craziness is why I can never do work and instead stay up to talk about philosophical things with my roommate for a ridiculously long time. 

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This picture, obtained in January 2007, was taken on the VLT platform about two hours before sunrise. The Milky Way is still well visible, while the first hint of daylight is illuminating the eastern horizon. Credit ESO

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Time-lapse of the MIlky Way over Hawaii

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This is breathtaking.


The Milky Way, shining in its full splendour on top of the four Unit Telescopes and one of the Auxiliary Telescopes of ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT). [ESO]